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Perks of Art Therapy for Addiction

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. ­ ~ Pablo Picasso

The idea of getting off an addiction seems nice but coping up is hard. It’s a time consuming journey which needs all our resolve. You just can’t rush through it, it needs patience and will power. It can be a painful ride. The best way to heal is to focus your energy and channelize it towards something creative and beautiful. What can be better than art, gives you a medium to put your emotions. There are two major aspects of rehabs; one is to unveil the causes of addiction and second to teach a new skill. These both help control the cause that triggers substance abuse.

  • Visual Communication:

The toughest task after deciding to go for therapy can be opening up. Most of the addicts have a strong back ground story supporting their addiction and it’s not as easy as it seems to open up to strangers. This is where art therapy for addiction comes in use. A person who shows even slight interest in art therapy will gradually be able to open up to the therapist.

  • Emotional Healing:

Emotional healing through art is a well known concept and is widely used. There are index cards and blank pieces of paper which are often used as affirmation cards and are highly effective. Cognitive behaviour theory such as reciting statements like, “I’m loved”, and “I believe in myself” help built a positive self-image. It transits the negativity to positivity.

  • Individual Breakthroughs:

Art therapy helps a person connect to themselves on a more personal level. It helps them workout difficult situations with a little ease and helps grow as an individual. The path of art therapy leads to self-discovery and helps build a better relationship with the therapist.

  • Sense of Panache:

No wonder people with addictions and substance abuse are low on self-esteem and lack the will power. Completion of every creative project gives these addicts a sense of accomplishment and completeness. They help us work through stress and feel happy.

  • Preventing relapse:

Well, the basic and most important idea behind therapy is to prevent relapse. It’s no big deal for an addict to get back on the wrong track. There can so many triggers I ones day-to-day life and to get through with these situations, one needs a good distraction. A person inclined towards his/her newly acquired skill set would instead try focusing on it. It would work as a great distraction for addicts even when they are out of rehabs.

Art therapy is a professional mental health treatment method that is used for helping addicts heal and learn to believe in themselves through the medium of art. It enhances ones creativity and helps the let their emotions out through art. One can use colours to express; another can try their hands on music or a person might as well become a celebrated writer. Art has its own way of helping people heal.