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Activities That Can Help With Drug Addictions

There are several diverse activities that can help someone overcome addiction and provide numerous benefits to both the body and mind. These activities allow you to grow physically, mentally and even spiritually. Even with a strong support network for those going through recovery, there are other physical activities that can help someone who has been focused on drugs, construct a new life. The following are some activities that can help with drug addictions.


Drug addiction is known to wreck havoc on a person’s body in many ways. A vitamin deficiency causes addicts to significantly lose weight and their appearance may also deteriorate. Engaging in physical exercise is a perfect way to regain your strength and boost your energy levels. The lungs and brains also benefit from exercise, besides helping in the development of blood vessels and repair of neural tissue. An addiction recovery plan is incomplete without some form of physical exercise, getting in rowing machines and smith machines can get you going for the day.


This practice from the Far East comes with several mental, physical and spiritual benefits that are particularly beneficial to those recovering from drug addictions since drug and substance abuse disconnects addicts from their bodies while destroying how their bodies communicate with them. Participating in yoga practice is relaxing and is an ideal way to relieve anxiety, stress and depression. Yoga provides recovering addicts with all the tools they need to stay grounded.


Kayaking is probably the last thing that comes to mind when it comes to recovering from a drug addiction. This activity provides numerous advantages which should not be underestimated. Kayaking is a form of sport that involves rowing through water, which creates tranquility. Kayaking will also boost your cardiovascular strength while stimulating several other muscles in the body.

Tai Chi

This sport that is originally from China has been practiced for centuries now and it is believed to slow down one’s aging process while promoting physical fitness. Tai Chi promotes greater flexibility, muscle strength and also reduces blood pressure. It is highly recommended for those recovering from drug addictions as it helps them rebuild their bodies and also helps them overcome stress and depression.

Playing Football

Playing a sport like football can help prevent substance abuse among the youth. It teaches the values of cooperation and practice and how to win or lose gracefully besides improving your body health. Recent studies indicate that engaging in this sport can influence decisions about using drugs such as marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol.

Playing Musical Instrument

Playing a musical instrument will engage your mind and sharpen it automatically. Studies indicate that learning music activates certain parts of the brain that are associated with memory. A musician is more likely to spot a mistake more quickly compared to a non-musician. Playing a musical instrument like Ukelele also beats the boredom blues that could lead to mental disorders such as depression and substance abuse.