Addiction Recovery Guide (Page 19)

11 Essential Addiction Recovery Steps & Strategies

Step 1. 'Truth It' aka Being Honest with Yourself. Face it, addictive behaviour is a problem in your life. It has stripped away far more than it has ever given back. Addiction hurts your health, your relationships, your finances, your sense of self worth, your peace of mind and possibly your legal status. Admit the truth to yourself - addiction creates and never solves problems. Recovery... ❯❯❯

Emotional Sobriety - The Golden Key to Addiction Recovery

What is Emotional Sobriety? Emotional sobriety is a set of psychological 'self-management' skills that are vital to achieving successful recovery. It is both the 'foundation' and the long term 'task' of recovery. Emotional sobriety includes - but is not limited to - the ability to: be aware of and at ease with emotions feel calm and resilient during times of stress cope effectively with... ❯❯❯

4 Addiction Recovery Mistakes - Avoid These Pitfalls and Achieve Success in Your Recovery

Addiction recovery is a challenging time, and none of us are born with a manual inside us. Recovery is as individual as a fingerprint, yet reliant on a few wise principles that can make the difference between success or losing control. Avoid these 4 recovery mistakes to achieve a more solid recovery: 1. Relying On Willpower aka 'White Knuckling It'. You convince yourself that you can will... ❯❯❯

Family Recovery From Addiction - 10 Crucial Steps

Families with a loved one who is addicted are hurting families. Pain, fear and frustration come from watching someone they love fall between the cracks, perhaps to be lost forever, possibly to death. Then there is the chaos that addiction brings on the family - broken trust, lost intimacy, abandonment, financial disaster, etc. Families dealing with addiction are often stressed to the breaking... ❯❯❯

Codependency - What's in a Name?

There's an old joke in addiction recovery circles that goes: Q: How does a codependent know they are dying? A: Someone else's life passes before their eyes. Ouch! Nasty... But therein lies the crux of a problem many loved ones of an addict may be facing. In essence, the challenge is how not to be consumed by a loved one's addictive habits. I Need a GPS! aka Guided Personal Support Loved ones... ❯❯❯

Rebuilding Relationships in Recovery

Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It's the foundational principle that holds all relationships - Steven R. Covey One of the most common requests I get for counselling is to help people with their relationships in recovery from addiction. This can mean anything from repairing current relationships to developing healthier connections in the... ❯❯❯

Communication in Addiction Recovery - Twelve Guidelines For Family Feelings Meetings

Families just don't know what to do with themselves when the designated alcoholic or addict gets sober. The first year of recovery is a time of confusion, joy, fear, anger, sadness, happiness-in short a full range of emotion. Most families don't what know to expect in that first year. They know the addict has gotten sober and that something has changed in the system. They know, too, that they are... ❯❯❯

Addiction and Recovery - Answering the Question - How Long Will I Have Cravings?

Recovering people are often troubled by comparing their own experiences to the experiences described in 12 step meetings by others. They may have some unexpressed fears about whether or not their recovery is proceeding as quickly "as it should". A common concern is the persistence of "cravings" or "urges to drink/use". Generally speaking the longer that you are sober, the fewer cravings you will... ❯❯❯

Addiction Recovery - Don't Let Grief Over the Loss of Alcohol Derail Your Transition Into Recovery

One of the common experiences of the earliest efforts toward quitting drinking and becoming sober, is grief over the loss of the chemical. For many people with an alcohol or other drug problem, the chemical, (whether it is alcohol or oxycodone) has become the addict's best friend and constant companion. When this best friend is given up, the alcoholic/addict experiences grief. The chemical plays... ❯❯❯

Addiction and Recovery - Cross Addiction - Chasing the Illusion of Control

The earliest efforts in addiction recovery involve attempts to interrupt the momentum of the addiction by abstaining from the chemical. Unfortunately, many people in early recovery have limited awareness of the impact of their drug use on their lives over time. They often do not fully understand the nature of addiction and rudimentary elements crucial to recovery. Many people attempt to halt... ❯❯❯