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Maintaining Sobriety While Being Social

Just because you are in recovery from alcohol addiction and are living a sober lifestyle does not mean that you can’t still have fun. Many people equate having a good time at a party with drinking, but there is much more to it than that. As you feel stronger in your ability to overcome cravings and temptation, you may decide to spend more time with friends or go to parties and other events. And just because you do, does not mean that you have to drink. Going in with a plan can help you to remain sober and continue your recovery journey.

Choose an alcohol-free location. If you are meeting up with friends for dinner, select a restaurant where alcohol is not served. There are plenty of places to choose from where you can reduce temptation by being in a sober environment. If alcohol is served, ask for a table away from the bar so you will not be as distracted or tempted. You can always order a fun and fruity non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy.

Move away from the bar. Whether in a restaurant or at a party, situate yourself away from where drinks are served. This is often where those who are drinking congregate. Keep a non-alcoholic drink in your hand to sip on. No one needs to know what is in your glass, and if they see you with a drink, they are less likely to offer you one.

Strike up a conversation. Focus your attention on the people you are with. Find out more about them, what they do, and what they enjoy. You may find that you have common interests you never knew about, or they may inspire you to try something new. You can also distract yourself by dancing, playing games, or getting involved in other ways. Staying active can keep you from being tempted to drink out of boredom or in an effort to fit in.

Know how to say no to a drink. You don’t have to announce to everyone that you are in recovery in order to decline a drink. Simply say that you’re not drinking tonight, you’re the designated driver, or you’re fine with what you have. It can be helpful to stick with a friend who is also not drinking and can provide support and accountability.

Come early, leave early. Oftentimes the later the evening wears on, the more intoxicated people become. Arrive at the start of the party and plan to leave before it gets too late. Once again, no one needs to know why you’re leaving. There could be an infinite number of logical possibilities. Know your triggers and when it is time for you to go. Make sure to either drive yourself or have a friend who is willing to leave whenever you are ready.

Keep a positive attitude and focus on how much you have gained during recovery. This can be motivation to keep pushing forward. Be realistic with yourself in what you can comfortably handle. If you don’t feel comfortable going to an event or hanging out with certain people, hold your ground and don’t.

If your drinking has become a problem, seeking treatment at luxury rehab center Chapters, an Orange County based alcohol rehab center, can help you to regain control of your life and make healthier choices. Discover how much better you feel and the opportunities available to you by embracing a substance-free lifestyle. Choose a California alcohol rehab center that fits your needs and will provide comprehensive care to help you maintain sobriety. It’s not too late to make a positive change in your life.

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