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How Trump can write the prescription for addiction recovery
How Trump can write the prescription for addiction recovery. By John D. Rodriguez, contributor - 12/08/16 04:00 PM EST. 1. How Trump can write the prescription for addiction recovery. © Getty Images. Many Americans are hoping that President-elect ...

Viral video targets Lebanon's addiction system
Kevin Kolb, who operates an addiction recovery program in Waldo, Fl. and also has ties to Wyomissing in Berks County, Pa., posted a video blasting the probation system - and the government system in general - for failing to take the necessary steps to ...

Ewing Township Police Department Announces Community Addiction Recovery Effort Program
Ewing Township Police Department is proud to announce that, as of this date, Ewing C.A.R.E. (Community Addiction Recovery Effort) is being implemented by the Ewing Police Department. This program is modeled after the Robinsville C.A.R.E. and the West ...

Nearly $7B federal funding approved for cancer research, addiction ...
Nearly $7B federal funding approved for cancer research, addiction ...

Waiting for help: Navigating addiction treatment in New Brunswick
A CBC News investigation into drug addiction treatment in the Maritimes has found a New Brunswick system filled with gaps like the one Cortes faced several years ago. As the Maritimes prepare for the arrival of illicit fentanyl, CBC's investigative ...

Montgomery City Council gives $12500 to Center for Addiction Treatment in local mother's memory
The remaining members of the Waterman family joined hands Wednesday as they sat in the front row at the Montgomery City Council and watched council members award a $12,500 grant to the Center for Addiction Treatment in Lexis's name. Members of ...

Bill approved will send major federal funding for cancer research ...
Bill approved will send major federal funding for cancer research ...

Marijuana: Addiction Treatment for Opioid Dependency
Marijuana as an addiction treatment for opioid dependency is gaining popularity among professionals in the field of medicine. As legalities slowly become more accommodating, physicians approach a new world of addiction care with the versatility of ...

Battling addiction through 'Battle of the Brains' competition
Both Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody and Chesterfield Sheriff Karl Leonard have put recovery programs into place within their respective jails. "Both Sheriff Woody and myself are faced with it every day because they end up in our jails. If you break that ...

Online tool connects New Yorkers to addiction treatment services
The OASAS Treatment Availability Dashboard was recently expanded to allow addicts, treatment provides, care coordinators and health insurance professionals to access crisis, residential, inpatient and outpatient services throughout the state. New ...

Tom Carroll Talks About Battling Drug Addiction, Recovery and the Key to Happiness
At one point I remember turning around when I heard a bit of shuffling from behind and noticed a close friend wiping away tears. He was listening in on the conversation with Tom Carroll, and while I don't remember the exact story Carroll was sharing ...

Walk-in clinic offers addiction treatment
prev. next. CHESTERTOWN — Healthy Connections, an addiction treatment center for narcotics, alcohol and binge eating, opened its office at 210 Maple Ave. about three weeks ago, according to Chestertown Zoning Administrator Kees de Mooy. The Healthy ...

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Ibogaine Treatment: An Alternative Approach to Ending Addiction

Finding the right addiction treatment is vital when it comes to finding lasting freedom. And, just as different as each addiction is, approaches to treating addiction can differ greatly as well. Not every person addicted to drugs or alcohol is going to find the freedom they’re looking for in one specific treatment, which is why it’s imperative that they know all options available. ... [Continue Reading]

US Addiction Services Provide Advice on Sober Living

Have you ever listened to someone refer to a past addiction from which they’ve been clean for a very long period of time? You will rarely hear them say “I am a recovered addict.” Why? Because that is one of the biggest mistakes an addict can make and that is to overestimate the power your drug of choice has over you. What you will hear them say is “I am a recovering... [Continue Reading]

Don’t Let a Mental Health Problem Go Untreated

If you have been in the throes of a mental health issue, do you see a light at the end of the tunnel? Unfortunately, millions of Americans not only deal with mental health issues on a daily basis, but they know of someone (in some cases multiple people) in the same situation. Those situations can range from mild mental health issues to ones putting a person on the edge of death. That said... [Continue Reading]

Put Substance Abuse in the Rearview Mirror

When women are dealing with substance abuse, the outcome will typically go in one of two directions. On the one hand, they will overcome their addiction/s, allowing them to return to the once normal life they knew before drugs entered their lives. On the flip side, they can be beset with years of heartache, both physically and emotionally. When that takes place, the road back may seem too far... [Continue Reading]

Is It Time to Enter Drug Rehab?

Whether you have been battling a drug addiction for a short period of time or for quite some time now, the goal is to eradicate it. Doing so however can seem quite daunting at times. The challenge of rising above drugs and getting your life back in order that may seem too tall a mountain to climb. For the millions of people dealing with drug addictions, the biggest challenge is oftentimes... [Continue Reading]

Take Care of Your Drug Addiction

When one is battling a drug addiction, he or she has only so many chances to overcome it. For those that do score a victory, it is likely because of they went to a treatment center, had supportive family and friends by their side, and they were committed to winning the battle. In the event your biggest battle right now is drugs, can you win? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to come out... [Continue Reading]

Can You Kick Drugs to the Curb?

If you find yourself in a war against drugs, you really have no choice but to do everything possible to win. As anyone having successfully fought such a battle can tell you, the alternative is not very appealing. From living a life that is void of family and friends to possibly even not having a life to live, drugs can ruin relationships, jobs, financial security and much more. In order for... [Continue Reading]

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