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Better Sleep: The Key to Recovering from Addiction

Addiction continues to affect millions of lives around the world every day. Many people struggle with addiction their entire lives and are always left wondering why they cannot break this cycle. There are a lot of factors that could affect a person’s ability to recover, and these factors may be different for everyone, but there is one factor that is commonly passed over when people are looking to recover from an addiction.

People who are not getting enough or adequate sleep can struggle with an uphill battle against addiction. Sleep is the essential process that the body needs to recover and rebuild from each day. Those who are suffering from addiction recovery need more sleep than others, because their bodies are working much harder to reconstruct the damage that addiction has done. Therefore, anyone who is struggling with addiction should try to improve their sleep habits to get better faster and stay sober. Here are some ways to improve sleep when recovering from an addiction.

Eliminate any underlying sleep issues

There are a surprising amount of people who suffer from sleep issues that they do not even realize that they have. One of these common issues is sleep apnea. Those suffering from sleep apnea do not get the restorative sleep that they need, and therefore will struggle more with addiction. Check for sleep apnea solutions with CPAPMan in order to get a better night’s sleep.

Keep a sleep journal

Many people do not realize how many things that can affect their sleep each day. It is a good idea for those recovering from addiction to keep a sleep journal to help them understand what factors might be disrupting their sleep. For example, some people may be able to realize that they are consuming too much sugar before bed until they start recording it in their journal.

Avoid stimulation before bed

There are a lot of stimulations that we are exposed to on a regular basis. All of the technology that people use daily can stimulate the brain and make falling asleep difficult. Those who want to get a more restorative night’s sleep should try to avoid using any technology or other stimulates right before bed to fall asleep faster.

Maintain a regular exercise routine

Exercise can be very energizing during the day, but it can also help anyone sleep better at night. Having a regular exercise routine can benefit those suffering from addition in a lot of ways, like giving them a new hobby, relieving stress, giving them more energy during the day and of course, helping them sleep better at night.


Hydration is very important to help the body recover and get rid of toxins. Those who are trying to get over an addiction should be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. They should aim to drink at least half their body weight in ounces of water per day. Additionally, they can use calming drinks like herbal tea to help them sleep better at night.

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