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Ways To Fight Addiction In the Midst of a Pandemic

What a time we’re living in. A pandemic is upon us, there are riots in the streets, and the stock market is collapsing. 2020 has been a rough year for all ages and people groups, and one group in particular has had an especially difficult time: recovering addicts.

If you identify with this, it’s ok to feel that way. Many aren’t aware of the stress and anxiety you’re facing as well as the temptations and temporal comforts that you’re raging against. Especially as you’re quarantined and possibly lacking emotional support, now is more important than ever to face addiction and fight against urges you may be having. One of the best ways to combat temptation is to turn your fuel for addiction into an outlet, such as a passion. Here are some tips during this trying season on focusing on other things.

Turn Towards People, Not Away

It’s easy to lose touch with others. The government has been mandating quarantine, and it’s not exactly safe to go out anywhere in public. But the truth is that we need others, and if you’re following CDC guidelines you should be safe. Which is worse? Possibly contracting the coronavirus or losing your sober streak? This is why it’s recommended that you join a community of like-minded people who can encourage and help you in your journey. Addiction treatment programs are still essential and still available for you. Don’t lose contact with people. They need you, and you need them.

Look for Ways To Make More Money

Many have lost their jobs, and you may be tempted to call it quits and hit up the liquor store. In fact, alcohol sales have skyrocketed since covid-19 hit the USA. But you don’t need to join in this statistic. Throwing your money and life away to an addiction is no way to live.

You probably recall all that time and money you lost to addiction. Turning that energy towards a new skill set will bring in income, fulfillment, and a sense of achievement. It could be anything, really. Perhaps you have the ability to read charts and day trade. Maybe you’re a really talented photographer, and you’ve never tried selling your photos. If you’re in a better financial position, look into starting a new real estate business. The point is that you should focus your time and energy into things that will provide return. Because remember – addiction is the only investment that leaves you in the negative.

Don’t Forget About Hobbies!

Making money doesn’t have to be the end-all-be-all goal. You’re on a path to recovery, and that path is different and unique to each and every person. If you’re just coming out of an addiction plunging yourself headfirst into hobbies, creativity, and entertainment will keep you busy and distracted from the addiction your body is craving.

And this is expected with most rehab, so don’t feel ashamed. If watching film is something you’re passionate about and it keeps your mind off of drugs, then go for it! For some, it’s brushing up on photoshop skills or taking a cooking course. Even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic, there are solutions to things you think you can’t do. For example, a lot of people think you need an in person instructor when trying to learn music lessons. You can easily go on YouTube or find virtual music lessons online. What’s really cool about hobbies is that they can bless other people in your community. And who knows – maybe one day it turns into a profession or a side hustle that makes you money!

Another place to turn your time and energy to is your health. Orthopedic doctors and nutritionists all agree that working out is a great way to overcome addiction. You’ll feel better, deal with withdrawal easier, and be in a better state of mind and being.

Don’t Feed Your Addiction

Hopefully there are some things here you learned and can implement into your life. The key is staying positive, staying connected to people, and turning desires inside you towards healthy things in your life. In light of covid-19, it’s easy to get stressed out and lose sobriety. Don’t feed your addiction though, and fight it by feeding your soul with healthy things.