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Ten Health Risks of Chronic Heavy Drinking

Society tends to look at alcohol as a harmless substance to use on a regular basis. Long-term chronic alcohol use can and does have health ramifications that are distressing and should push anyone towards wanting to get help to stop drinking. Get free by seeking the expert alcohol rehab Virginia residents count on to regain full, vibrant health.

Blackouts and Memory Loss

Chronic bouts of drinking can lead to entire chunks of time that are unaccounted for in your mind. Blackouts are periods that the body continues to function, but the mind has reached a state of disconnect. It's dangerous in that you have no idea what you are doing or what is happening to you. Women can find themselves being a victim of sexual assault and men can end up in fights or jail without any recollection of what happened.

Kidney Failure

Constantly putting high amounts of alcohol into your body sends it on the path of mass dehydration. Not having enough water in your body allows your internal temperature to steadily rise, drying you out even more. Your kidneys will begin to fail under the strain of not enough healthy fluids and having to help filter and eliminate the alcohol.

Liver Disease and Cirrhosis

The liver is an internal organ that you cannot live without. It is the largest filter of the body and also helps break down fats. The damage done by alcohol to the liver begins to accumulate scar tissue in the organ. It eventually leads to liver failure or chronic liver disease. ring to live with a diseased liver is miserable since it affects nearly every part of your body in digesting foods that are needed for energy.

Suffocation and Drowning

Losing consciousness when overindulging in alcohol can be dangerous. If you vomit and are unable or unaware you need to turn over to expel the liquid, you can literally suffocate or drown. It's not that uncommon and has even happened to some famous musicians in recent days, such as Dolores O'Riordan, the lead singer for the band "The Cranberries."

Respiratory Arrest or Difficulties

Alcohol acts in the capacity of a depressant in the body. It's why many people turn to drink during times of extreme stress. As a depressant, it acts on the nervous system but also has a slowing effect on your breathing. In chronic alcohol use, you can experience a sudden cessation, or respiratory arrest.

Alcohol Poisoning

As the alcohol levels steadily increase in someone that has a chronic drinking condition, so does the risk that critical systems and functions in the body will slow or shut down completely. You can the threshold of safety into alcohol poisoning quickly. Alcohol poisoning can cause respiratory arrest and lead to cardiac arrest.

Seizures and Severe Withdrawal Symptoms

Chronic heavy alcohol use can lead to a serious addiction. Once your body has the expectation of maintaining certain levels of alcohol in the bloodstream, your body can experience severe withdrawal symptoms, including tremors and seizures that are debilitating and can be life-threatening when alcohol levels drop.

Injury and Death from Vehicle Accidents

Drunk driving is a problem in most civilized societies that allow the purchase and consumption of alcohol. It seems that no matter how many warnings are issued, someone always feels they can beat the odds. The sad part is that a serious auto accident typically involves other people that have nothing to do with drinking and driving.

Malnutrition and Extreme Weight Loss

Chronic alcohol use can also lead to long-term malnutrition and severe weight loss. You might find that it's difficult to maintain a regular diet and the loss of nutrients depletes the body quickly. Poor nutrition can lead to all sorts of systemic breakdowns and health crisis.

Severely Compromised Immune System

Chronic heavy alcohol use can and will have a detrimental effect on your overall immune system and ability to stay healthy. The destruction of good bacteria in your digestive tract, a compromised liver, and nutrient deficiencies all combine to create an atmosphere that allows illness and disease to feel right at home.

The ten health risk of chronice heavy drinking listed above should be a red flag to anyone that is or has a loved one that drinks heavy amounts of alcohol on a frequent basis. The sooner treatment begins, the better your body will respond and regain health.