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Qualities of a Great Rehab Facility

Are you looking for a place where you will be able to receive dual-diagnosis addiction treatment? You need to be very selective because the quality of care that some facilities will give you is less than satisfactory. Many people make the mistake of believing that all rehab facilities are the same for the most part. This misconception leads many people to check into rehab facilities that are not properly equipped to handle their problem. There are a number of things that you should demand that a rehab center contain. You should never settle for less. After all, you are paying your hard-earned money for this treatment. You deserve to get the highest quality of care. Here are some things that you should look for during your search for a place to undergo treatment for your drug or alcohol problem.

1. A peaceful setting

Undergoing treatment can be a very stressful experience for most people. Therefore, you need to have as few distractions as possible during this time. Being in a peaceful environment will allow you to focus on your treatment. This is why many people opt to attend a rehab facility that is located in a tropical location that is close to the water. These facilities are very similar in many ways to a vacation destination. They allow the patients to get away from the stress that is often present in an urban environment. Try to look for facilities that are not located in an area that has a large population. Going to rehab in the middle of a big city is never a good idea. It is common for people to travel long distances when they go to rehab. This allows them to escape the issues they were dealing with so they can concentrate on kicking their habit.

2. An acceptable ratio of staff members to patients

You do not want to go to a rehab facility where you feel like just another patient. You want to receive personal care that is necessary to help you stop using drugs or alcohol. This means that there should not be an enormous amount of other patients going to rehab at the same time you are. There should also be an adequate number of staff members to handle the needs of all the patients. Many rehab facilities are more concerned about making money than they are about giving quality care to all of their patients. Therefore, these greedy facilities will admit many more patients than they have the staff to adequately care for. This causes patients to be neglected during their stay. Find out how many people the facility has on their staff and the number of patients who will be receiving treatment.

3. No complaints or lawsuits filed against the facility

You should avoid checking yourself into a rehab center that has a history of lawsuits and complaints being filed against it by former patients. This is a very bad sign that could indicate problems in the way that the facility is operated. There are enough rehab centers out there with clean records that you should not need to resort to doing your rehab at a place with a bad history. Some rehab centers that have bad track records will try to entice you by offering a low fee. However, do not be fooled by this ploy. You would be better off paying more for your treatment elsewhere.

4. An extensive aftercare program

There are some rehab facilities that throw you out on the street and forget about you after you finish your treatment. However, the time immediately following your treatment is the most critical. This is when some patients start using drugs or alcohol again and suffer a relapse. Therefore, you need to use a rehab facility that will help you with transitioning out of treatment. All of the best facilities for drug and alcohol treatment will have a thorough aftercare program. Patients will have a counselor assigned to them after they are discharged from the facility. The counselor will call the patient periodically to find out how he or she is doing. Patients are also instructed to call their counselor immediately if they are ever tempted to start using again. An aftercare program is essential to making sure a patient's sobriety is not compromised.

5. A clean facility

The rehab facility you choose should be clean and sanitary. Pay close attention to how well the building has been cleaned when you take your tour of the facility.

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