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Celebrities Endorse Choices Recovery at Sundance Film Festival

Drug addiction is not a new topic in the world of celebrities and altogether too many have died as a result of overdose or health related issues from long years of abuse. This past fall the Sundance Film Festival was held in Park City Utah where Choices Recovery sponsored a media table hosted by Courtney Sixx who is a celebrity in her own right but also the wife of Motley Crew’s Nikki Sixx. As Courtney kept visitors entertained, a large number of celebrities stopped by the table to endorse Choices Recovery and to wish them well in their efforts to help addicts from all walks of life on their road to recovery.

Drug Related Deaths Not New to Hollywood

Although the Sundance Film Festival was founded by Robert Redford to bring the efforts of independent filmmakers into the limelight, it is always highly attended by top name celebrities who have had their share of accolades. There probably isn’t a star who hasn’t known, sometimes intimately, a celebrity who lost the battle against addiction. Some died of overdoses while others are still actively abusing illicit drugs. Unfortunately, drugs have always been a huge problem among celebrities so those united to fight addiction have a special interest in doing so.

Stars Who Stopped by the Choices Recovery Table

It was noted that Courtney was visited at the Choices Recovery table by such celebrities as Jason Ritter, son of John Ritter of Three’s Company fame. Also, one of the High School Musical’s stars stopped by to wish Per Wickstrom and his team well. Per and Courtney welcomed a visit by Monique Coleman and she was more than enthusiastic about the South Bend Indiana drug rehab program. Monique added her support to efforts being made by Choices Recovery to help young people recover from addictions in order to lead a more wholesome and productive life.

Fond, But Sad Memories

It would seem as though America would learn from generations that have gone before but unfortunately there continues to be a large number of drug related deaths even to this day. Some of the most notable stars who succumbed to drug abuse included the ever-famous Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Elvis Presley, Chris Farley and Janis Joplin. These are just a few of the most famous celebs who lost the battle against drug abuse but names that everyone knows.

According to Per Wickstrom, founder of Choices Recovery, unless a person battles his or her own demons, there is no way to help them recover from drug abuse that has probably been going on for countless years. “It is truly exciting to see so many of today’s most popular celebrities come out in support of our drug rehab program,” Per comments. “It is especially important to our younger clients who are looking up to celebs and will pay special attention to what they say about the rampant use of illicit drugs. They literally idolize their favorite stars which makes it all the more important to hear from them that drugs kill.”

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