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US Addiction Services Provide Advice on Sober Living

Have you ever listened to someone refer to a past addiction from which they’ve been clean for a very long period of time? You will rarely hear them say “I am a recovered addict.” Why? Because that is one of the biggest mistakes an addict can make and that is to overestimate the power your drug of choice has over you. What you will hear them say is “I am a recovering addict,” meaning it is an ongoing for-the-rest-of-your-life process. Here, US Addiction Services’ founder, Per Wickstrom, offers advice on sober living as it should be lived.

The Iconic “One Day at a Time” Motto

Especially in the early days of recovery, according to Per Wickstrom, you need to live that now iconic “one day at a time” existence. “Each day you get through without succumbing to the desire to take a drink, get a fix of heroin or even smoke a cigarette is a major victory,” he says. He goes on to say that the first 90 days are the worst and that motto is going to be your mantra for sober living, especially during this time, but one day at a time is all you can, or should expect from yourself. After all, how long has it been since you’ve been able to go an entire day clean and sober?

Keep Your Goal in Sight

Your primary objective in seeking recovery is, of course, to establish a clean and sober lifestyle free from substances you’ve abused in the past. “In fact,” Per adds, “it’s more than staying free from those substances you are addicted to but any unhealthy choices that could lead to addictions of other kinds. Your ultimate goal is to get and stay clean and sober so that is what you need to keep in sight.”

The Only Path Is Abstinence

You have heard that age old idiom, “Everything in moderation,” but obviously they didn’t have addicts in the days of the ancient Greeks or more recently in Colonial America. Yes, there is a bit of sarcasm there but that is to drive home the point, you cannot treat substance abuse as you can other things in life. With addictions it’s all or nothing. There is no social drinking in moderation for the addict. That one cocktail at a Christmas party has led many an alcoholic to his or her ultimate demise – the demise of clean and sober living, that is.

You and ONLY You Have Control Over Recovery

Of course it’s nice and at times necessary to have a support group of other recovering addicts or loved ones who you can reach out to but in the end, they can’t choose sober living for you. They can encourage you and be there in your most trying moments but the choice is always 100% in your hands. Even when court ordered to complete a recovery program, the choice is still yours! You can get clean and sober or pass start and go straight to jail. It’s still a choice and it’s yours to make.

A Closing Thought – Or Two

There is so much more advice that Per could offer but these are the highlights of what you need to do to follow the road to sober living. Remember that the choice is always in your hands so you can’t put the blame on anyone else. However, remember to take it easy on yourself and just go one day at a time. Each day you make it through you are the victor so keep that in mind.

And finally, one last bit of advice from US Addiction Services, “Stay positive from that inner source of strength knowing you can do this. The road might be rough and winding but you have your roadmap. Follow it, stay on the path and you can find that new home, that warm and comfortable place called sober living.”

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