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Five Tips to Remaining Positive in Recovery

Taking the step to get clean and sober from an addiction is an incredible achievement. Choosing to beat an addiction is a challenging task, and will take an immense amount of time, effort, pain, and willpower. Getting clean from an addiction can lead to some pretty dark moments, which can take a psychological toll on anyone going through recovery.

The power of positivity is a real recovery technique that can help improve your chances at finding sobriety and remaining sober long after rehab. Here are five tips on how to remain positive in recovery:

One of the best ways to remain sober and joyful even in the moment’s of temptation is to be affiliated with a recovery clinic or center that can keep you accountable on your journey to staying sober. Often times many of these clinics are privately owned, which can be an expensive cost. However, some healthcare insurance plans online offer coverage to various recovery centers.

Many happiness surveys have found that those who have close, communicative relationships are happier than those who are estranged from family members and friends. After an addiction, many are quick to avoid relationships for fear of falling off the wagon once again. While it is important to stay away from social situations that can lead you astray, as well as avoiding people who can negatively affect your recovery, it is important to find a community of people who will help in your recovery. Reach out to faithful friends and family members, and learn how to connect with others in a communal way.

Giving back is one of the best ways to achieve happiness. Whether it is a service to the community, to others who are in the process of getting sober, or with another non-profit organization you have admired, taking the time to give back by donating your time can remind you how important it is that you are clean and sober.

Exercise releases endorphins into the body that lift a person’s mood and energy levels. Taking care of yourself will help you feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally. Research has shown that those who do exercise regularly, eat nutritiously, and take good care of their physical hygiene are happier and less likely to go into depression.

For many, their addiction, which was once a hobby, became their entire life. Once achieving sobriety, find an activity or hobby you can thoroughly immerse yourself in. Not only will finding a hobby you love relax your mind and body, it can also help you abstain from any temptations that might lead you back to your addiction.

Dealing with an addiction is never easy, and even after years of sobriety, it can be easy to find yourself in a situation where you are feeling down and succumb to temptation. Using these tips to find happiness can help you remember that your addiction is not worth it—that there is life outside of it.

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